the first artist who invented his own color
the pioneer of conceptual art
of the books Yves Peintures and the Zone of immaterial pictorial sensibility
the pioneer of conceptual art
In 1946, when I was still an adolescent,
I went and signed my name on the other side of the sky during a fantastic 'realistico-imaginary' voyage.One day, I lay on the sand by the sea and felt hatred for the birds flying back and forth across the blue, endless sky, thereby trying to create stains on my most important and great work.
I was born in Nice in a family of painters. My parents taught me a lot, although I didn’t have a formal art education. I studied sailing, Oriental languages, judo, and it was only at the age of 26 that I decided to take up art.
In 1946, when I was still an
of changing the art world for the better with color
8 years
in the top 10 artists by auction turnover in money
9th place
was the price of my last work “Monogold”
$91 MLN.
adolescent, I went and signed my name on the other side of the sky during a fantastic 'realistico-imaginary' voyage. One day, I lay on the sand by the sea and felt hatred for the birds flying back and forth across the blue, endless sky, thereby trying to create stains on my most important and great work.
My paintings do not reflect reality, but rather reality is reflected in them. I am genuinely obsessed with color, and believe that form is essentially color.
What museums
exhibit my art?
New York Museum of Modern Art
Georges Pompidou Center in Paris
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York
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now I don't work by order, but you can buy something that is available
Acquire the emptiness
Let's stroll along the Seine promenade, throw the gold into the river, and burn the receipt
Organize a performance
Let's take art beyond the canvas and theatricalize the process of its creation
My tools are living
I create paintings with the help of human body prints on canvas.
I expose the canvases to rain, wind and dust in order to transfer the elements onto them.
Fire Painting
I draw with a gas torch and flamethrower on fortified cardboard to capture the touch of fire.
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My exhibitions
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Antagonismes (1960)
«Le Vide» Iris Clert Gallery (1958)
«Proposte Monochrome, Epoca Blu» Gallery Apollinaire (1957)
Colette Allendy (1956)
Club des Solitaires (1955) Gallery
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